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Bedtime Stories…

Sit back, make yourself comfy, it’s time for a bedtime story.

If there’s one thing that really ruffles our feathers, it’s disappointed customers. Luckily, that’s not something we encounter here often, with our guests tending to be of the happy camper variety. But recently, one thing was becoming a big issue…

Some of our guests were waking up to find that they’d had a worse night’s sleep than a princess on a pea. It goes without saying, something had to be done – and fast.

We got to work on trying to figure out which beds were causing the discomfort. Was it just the mattresses or were we going to need to rethink the bed frames too?

After some careful deliberation, the decision was reached to replace absolutely everything including the linen, pillows and duvets, in every single one of our rooms. We couldn’t think of a better present for our 25th birthday next month – well slept guests and the hotel back to its harmonious self. Bliss.

For months we counted down the days until our new beds arrived. That was, of course, until we realised just how much effort is involved in removing, replacing and making up 190 beds.

Between seven of the guys from Mattison, and eight members of our team, it took around 18 hours in total to give it the old switcheroo.

Was it all worth it? Well, it was smiles all around when our Nori and Jim put them to the test, with a well-earned rest.